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Welcome to the Esports section of my website. Here you'll find out how I first got started with Esports and my journey with it.

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Growing Up Gaming

I was always surrounded by computers growing up. Dad was a software engineer, and as far as I can remember was always working from home which meant I was surrounded by technology from a very early age.

I vividly remember when we were little and wanted to use the computer, before we were old enough to have our own, dad used to let us go on his computer to play games whenever he had a break. Whether it was 10 minutes or an hour, my younger brother and I were always asking my dad if we could use his computer, to which he always said yes.

Eventually when we were old enough to have our own computers, dad gave one each to my brother and I. I used to play a wide range of games, often going to websites that had a whole load of games that you could play on one website. I wasn't drawn to any specific genre, but I do remember some of the games I used to play.


  1. Pangya Fantasy Golf - This was a golf game that no longer exists today, but I was obsessed with it. My childhood best friend introduced me to this game, and we would always play it together. I wish it still existed as I'd love to play it now.

  2. Pet Society - This was a game on Facebook which I believe still exists today, just not within Facebook itself. I used to play this game everyday, it's similar to today's Animal Crossing but I loved it. I even figured out a way to buy in game items to charge to my phone bill, and one month I racked up a $300 phone bill that dad was not happy about! Safe to say, I learnt my lesson.

  3. Club Penguin - I feel as though anyone who is a similar age to me would have played Club Penguin growing up. It was one of those peaceful games you could play, it wasn't challenging but one that you could play to relax. 

  4. Bomberman - This one is a classic for everyone, who hasn't played Bomberman?!

I'm sure there are more games that I used to play growing up, but these are the ones that came to mine. My brother and I never had a console growing up (although he did have a PSP once he was a teenager), so computer games were the only ones we could play. 

My younger brother gamed far more than I did growing up, I simply didn't have the time. I was always doing sports growing up, and whilst my brother did too, during the time that I was a competitive swimmer alongside school I just didn't have the time. We were training 10 times a week during the school period, twice a day on weekdays and once on Saturday mornings alongside the occasional Sunday private lessons. I barely had any time to sleep, let alone game the older I got!

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January 2021: The Beginning Of My Gaming Career

If you've read the football section of my website, you'd know that the reason I picked up FIFA21 in January 2021 was because of my connection to football in Singapore. 

I honestly didn't play much FIFA growing up, I'd played it a handful of times because of my brother in games against him or online, but I never dedicated myself to the game. January 2021 was when we were still in lockdown due to the pandemic, and majority of us were stuck at home not being able to do anything. When TikTok first came about, I was hesitant to download it as there used to be this idea around it that it was meant for kids. I eventually downloaded the app around July 2020, and started posting videos not many months after. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of my main TikTok account, my first few videos were skits and trendy videos. Being that I loved creating a wide range of content since I was little, my TikTok account I used as a fun outlet to create random videos. So how did FIFA21 come about?

I remember throughout lockdown feeling really down. Whilst I do struggle with social anxiety, I didn't like being stuck inside the house all the time. My mental health wasn't great, and it made me feel overwhelmed with my own thoughts. I saw a FIFA video pop up on my TikTok FYP, and whilst I don't remember who the creator was, it made me think about all the memories I had in football. So, I went to my brother's room and asked if he had FIFA21 downloaded on his laptop which he did. He nicely let me use his laptop in my room, and I posted a video to my TikTok about how I was playing FIFA for the first time. This came naturally to me as I was used to documenting whatever I was doing since I was a young age. My first video got 10k views, which was very surprising to me. I didn't understand the impact that the gaming franchise FIFA had. So I posted another video. That did well. I didn't have any particular plan about the type of videos I wanted to post, I was just filming and posting.


A week later, after receiving comments on my videos on TikTok, I started streaming on Twitch. 

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Representing England at the Commonwealth Games 2022

I won a bronze medal for England at the first ever Esports tournament for the Commonwealth Games in 2022. 

The month before, we had a media day in Manchester filming getting content for British Esports and the BBC. The first week of August we spent in Nottingham and Birmingham competing, and I had interviews with the BBC & ITV.

Representing England wasn't something I ever thought I'd do, after all it is a massive honour to be able to represent your country. Before the Commonwealth Games, I had competed in FIFA tournaments like the SheSportsCup but I wouldn't have considered myself a pro player. Thus, when I received the call up to represent England, it was a massive shock for me but an opportunity I wouldn't pass up. The game we played at the Commonwealth Games was eFootball, so that in itself was a change in game to the one I usually played which is FIFA. My call up also came just over a year after I started posting content online for Esports via FIFA21 and FIFA22. 

The Commonwealth Games was mentally challenging for me. Just a few days before I was due to leave, my father suffered a bad stroke. He was in hospital during the duration of the games, and many weeks after, but I'm glad I still did the very best I could to walk away with a medal. I remember when my Dad had his stroke, and I was in two minds about whether I should even go to the Commonwealth Games. I didn't want to leave my father in hospital with my family to handle it all by themselves, part of me felt guilty for leaving. However, I asked my father in hospital to say if he still wanted me to go. As he couldn't really speak, I said to him to squeeze my hand if he still would like me to go. It took me asking a few times for him to process what I was saying, but he eventually squeezed my hand ever so softly. 

It was hard for me as my father had said to me before his stroke that if I made it to the final day where we'd be competing on main stage in front of an audience, he'd make the trip down to Birmingham and watch me compete. I did indeed make the final day, and competing on that stage was difficult as I looked out to the crowd and he wasn't there but I had to pull myself together. 

I'm ever so grateful I had the opportunity to represent England at the Commonwealth Games through Esports, the first ever time it'd be at the Commonwealth Games. I met amazing people and have developed incredible friendships, which added to an already incredible experience. I learnt so much about myself, and so much more about Esports. Due to the Commonwealth Games, I now actively watch other Esports such as Rocket League and it expanded my horizon on the industry. 

The Commonwealth Games is an experience I will never forget. I need to get my jerseys and medal framed!

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Entering The Broadcast Side Of Esports


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