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Welcome to the Golf section of my website. Here you'll find out everything I did in golf growing up. :)

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I first started playing golf when I was 6 years old in primary school. 

My school had putting greens and practice bays on school grounds, which I realised it wasn't normal for schools to have after I left my primary school. I even told my current partner about it and his jaw dropped!


My school wanted to give everyone the opportunity to learn how to play golf and if you decided to pursue it, you could become part of the school team which I went on to do. They created a programme for students where they used golf as a platform to champion the students character development. Through golf, my school's aim was to inculcate in every student a mature social-emotional core, deep values, and strengthen our characters to allow us to succeed in life and contribute to society. 

Apart from the golf lessons we had in school, my parents also put me through private golf lessons. Now that I'm older and am looking at lessons again.. thank you mum and dad because I didn't realise how much they cost! My godfather also regularly played golf growing up, so I had his influence on me as a child. I'll always remember the driver he bought me.

I took part in junior tournaments as a kid, was part of my school's golf team, and even won a trophy for being a putting champion! 

My first set of golf clubs were Slazenger, they were orange and black like driver in the photo you see above. Funny story - just under a year ago I bought a set of golf clubs for cheap on Facebook market place to get back into golf (which I still use now), my driver head that I used from 7 to 9 years old, is bigger than the one I use currently!

After meeting my current partner, he took me to the driving range and I realised I could still swing a golf club and hadn't really forgotten the technique. You can watch the video here - my totally amazing golf swing. Maybe don't watch the recent videos though, because I'm not quite sure what's happened to my technique! It was better a year ago than it is today ha.

The most important thing is that he made me realise how much I still loved playing golf, and I recently got a golf membership. I'm now posting content online about my golf journey, and as frustrating as golf can be, I still love it as much as I did when I was little.

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